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Newspaper July 28, 2007

Posted by sheevmista1 in Uncategorized.

Sorry I was late for 2 days but heres the stuff on the new newspaper! The Featured Game is Mancala the igloo contest is still going on so hurry and make a nice igloo! Theres a review about the water party heres 1 review by a penguin ”Good Job on the water party! I love the iceburg!” And theres tow pages about that. In the section about Tips and Secerts is Super Puffle Play! If you feed your puffle and his bars are full on everything it will do special tricks!! The Upcoming Events is July 27 Rockhopper Arrives August 3 New Clothing Catalog Comes and New Pins Comes Out Out August 10 New Post Cards. Theres a pretty funny comic. And well thats it so Until Then Waddle On!-Sheevmister



1. marsha - July 30, 2007

i’ve been in the door that’s locked in rockhopper’s ship all you have to do is press atlwerfghyjtuefofprprehff and it will open but only for you after your in it closes automatically and that’s the secret

2. Zelrio - August 18, 2007

Marsha= lieing douchebag.

3. shanny662 - August 19, 2007

iv done it but it want work wat do u mean press do u mean type

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