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All Items in Fall Fair September 26, 2007

Posted by Penny in Uncategorized.

These are all the items you can get in the Fall Fair. The lolipop was not a free item, but it is hidden. Heres how to get it!


Buy all items with tickets


Once you buy all the items there is a rope. Pull the rope to make the lolipop appear. Here is a pic of me in the items and the rope that you pull to get the lolipop.


Prices of All Prizes

Paddle Ball(1,500 tickets)


Cotton Candy(600)

Candy Necklace(700)

Circus Tent pin(100)

Teddy Bear Background(400)

feathered Tiara(1,200)



1. Sheevmister - September 26, 2007

Thanks penelope since I could not post! Waddle On!-Sheevmister

2. darkever64 - September 26, 2007

hey sheev I`ll add you to my blogroll but to do that u must do it first then comment on my site fast

3. penelopedog - September 27, 2007

your welcome sheev

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