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Halloween Party!!!!!!!!!!!! October 26, 2007

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The biggest most awesome party is out!!!!!!!!!! The HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!! I love the music and every thing the effects everything!!! I’m so happy its out! Now heres where all the stuff is! To start the scavenger hunt you first must get the Pumpkin Basket. The baskets at the snow forts! Heres a picture.


Now thats in your inventory do this! Go to the Pizza Parlor for the first sweet.


The next one is tricky so read the instructions!!!


Next is at the forest. Its kinda hidden so don’t be fooled!!!


Next one is at the beacon. Its on the tube. Under where you stand.


The next one is at the Ski Lodge. Its on the mullets eye.


The next one is at the Dance Club. Personally I think this is the hardest one to get! Here are the steps!



If you don’t understand I’m saying click on the puffle he should give you a quiz and the answer is Happy Halloween then the puffle should do something else and it should make a candy then click on the candy and you will have it in your inventory.

The next one is at the Mountain.


Next one is at the Cove. This is the last sweet! You first have to open up the bionacualrs. Then wait for the Octopus to come up for a moment.


Now when you have all your items it should look like this.


O.k click claim prize then this should come up.


It will be added to your inventory. Now the pin is at the pool! Its a hanging spider! If you want it when it comes all the way down click on it or just walk on top of it when it comes down.


Well thats a long post!  My longest one yet with over 300 Words! Waddle On!-Sheevmister


Penguin Item Data Base!!! October 24, 2007

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I’m starting to give out hacks to people who are less fourtnate because they do not know how to! Here is a link to a Penguin Item Data Base I made! Just copy and paste this link!


Waddle On!-Sheevmister

New Admin October 24, 2007

Posted by melblu23 in flie4life, new admin!.

hey penguins. i commented on this site i thought was cool, and now im an admin!

cool, its nice to be here!


Mike92 October 23, 2007

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Mike92 made my header check it out its really cool thanks mike92! Me and him are offically best friends! We chat a lot hes my buddy so please visit mike92.wordpress.com! Waddle On!-Sheevmiste (Heres a picture of the header!)

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Halloween & Igloo Catalog Updates And Secerts! October 20, 2007

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The Halloween catalog’s out and heres what you need to know about it!




Now heres all the secerts and new stuff in the Igloo Upgrade Section!


Waddle On!-Sheevmister

2 Halloween Sneak Peeks & Aniversery!!! October 19, 2007

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Here are 2 Halloween Sneak peeks! Billybob accidently posted a wrong one and I did not see it Legoless found that one! Heres the Sneak Peek that’s currently on the club penguin blog!


Heres the 2nd Halloween Sneak Peek!


This ones the plaza the 1st one was the pool! O.k heres the Club Penguins 2nd Aniversery details!!!

Heres the hat that should come out!


And here is when the party info! Everybodys invited so come while you can!


I’ll be there on Frozen for about 1 hour or so! Be my buddy with Sheevmister or Clucky58 while you can! Waddle On!-Sheevmister

New Postcards And Glitcher October 13, 2007

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The new postcards are out!! Here they are.


Now heres a glitcher named Ilikepie9010.


I hope he gets banned forever because I dont really like him anymore. Waddle On!-Sheevmister

New Stuff!!! October 13, 2007

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The new stuff is out and here it is!!!

The Pin Is in the Pet Shop. Its buy the puffle game. Heres a picture.


Its a hair brush. Next is the new smile. I hate it. Heres a picture of it!


I still will never like it ugh. Oh well :(.

Next is the new catalog!!!  Theres actually a change in the gift shop to. Heres everything in the catalog and the new gift shop!!!





Waddle On!-Sheevmister

New Penguin!!!! October 8, 2007

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This is my main new penguin for now!!!! Thanks so much Soccer 6!!! 🙂 Friends for life Soccer! Visit soccers site! Famoussoccer6.piczo.com! Thanks so so so much man! Heres the penguin!


It was a member but it expired so I’ll  try to make it a member! I will still be on She Had To so I still will add everybody! Waddle On!-Sheevmister

Boxes In The Gift Shop?? October 6, 2007

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Well yes there are boxes in the gift shop but since thier there we can’t be anything any more! Heres a picture!

.gif Notice:Since Sheev’s Ban I will put She Had To as a main penguin.

So whats with it?? Waddle On!-Sheevmister