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Western Party & Yellow Puffle & Delay :( November 23, 2007

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Hey Guys! Sorry for the late post I was not home all day! Sorry :(! Well the western party was the suprise party yay! Well the first free item is at the plaza. Its a old item. Its the bandana! Heres a pic.


Next is free backround number one! Its at the cove. Its a old backround. It’s from the old western party. Its called the Stage Couch Backround. Heres a pic.


Next is a backround from the old days. I call it the sunset lol.  It’s at the dock. Ok heres a pic.


But last but not least is the pin! It’s a needle! It’s at the cove. Heres a pic.


Now new section. In Puffle Round up they updated it. The yellow puffles in it. Heres a pic.


Last thing. Sorry! I was not here so the party will be tommorow same time everthing besides the date! Hope you do not get to mad! I’m so sorry! Waddle On!-Sheevmister



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