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Catalog Things & Something December 8, 2007

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Hi guys! Well the christmas catalog came out! Old items came out ( a lot)! Heres the cover.


Now lets see the new items! (Some old and some I did not show)!

catalog.gif catalog2.gifcatalog3.gif

Also if you see on the elf one it’s only avaliable on this catalog! Heres the cheats!

cheat1.gif  For the viking helmet open and close 3 times for blue viking helmet.

cheat2.gif  Click the headphones (not the word the actual thing) and the red guitar will show up.

cheat3.gif  Click CLEARANCE for the swim goggles.

Here are the backrounds. Notice I circled some because they came back so they were old before.


Ok they kept the wig catalog the same. Now the pin is a holly pin! It’s in the coffee shop. Heres a picture.


Well that! Now the thing you need to know is I think i’m gonna quit wordpress and club penguin. Crowd Says:”Why WordPress”? Sheevmister says:”Because no one anywhere comments no more or visits this site”. Crowd Says:”Why quit cp”? Sheevmister Says:”Because I think club penguin is getting boring after getting banns and stuff. It’s really boring when your not a member”. So if I quit…”You guys rock! Thanks for all your support over the months!”. My penguins? I’ll just raffle them away. My site? I’ll keep it so future generations can see this site. Have a good christmas! Waddle On!-Sheevmister



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