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New Banner March 31, 2008

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Holaz Jbl44 here! I Made a new banner 4 the site! If u want to see the whole thing click http://i226.photobucket.com/albums/dd64/Jbl44time/Banner-1.jpg



April Fools Day 2008! March 28, 2008

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Hey Guys! Club Penguin launched the April Fools Party today! They released 2 items! The Red Propeler Hat (Old Item) and Swirly Glasses! O.k lets start off with the Propeler Hat! You can find it at the Ski Village! I rate it 5/5


Next the Swirly Glasses! They are 4/5 as I rate! They are at the cove!


Now the Pin we have this week is really challenging to get! Its pretty tricky! First, you must go to the mine. After don’t go  in you should see something like this. Connect The Dots.


You gotta fill em up in order like this.


Once you get to 50 everything will melt off and it should be like this.pin2.jpg

Now you found the pin! Waddle Over it and get it! It is a Crayon Pin! It is like a crayola one but yea. 😀 Well, Thats all today! My favorite room is the Dojo! It is awesome since you can walk on walls! It is like last year! Waddle On! -Scareynewt42

Mike92s Blog is gonna get deleted March 25, 2008

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www.mike92.wordpress.com We have been contacted by Club Penguin who advise that ‘Mike92′ is banned and this blog was distributing hacking files.They insisted the blog was closed.If you have any comments, direct them to Club Penguin.Contacting Support or posting to the forum will NOT do anything.   -Mark 


this is a sad day 4 club penguin

Rare Penguins Pass! March 25, 2008

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Hey Guys! A penguin named Lauren 78 was like who wants to trade and I got suspicous and guessed her pass! She is really rare and is a non member! Heres pic!llauren.jpg Ok Heres the password! Don’t ban it if you do your lose!User: Lauren 78Password: lauren  That’s all! -Scareynewt42 

Club Penguin Easter Egg Hunt 2008 March 21, 2008

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Hey! This year theres another Easter Egg hunt! Here is where the eggs are!
The First One Is At The Mine.


The 2nd One Is At The Corner Of The Dock.


The 3rd One Is At The Pet Shop Shown As A Red Puffle.


The 4th One Is At The Book Room Top Left Shelf.


The 5th Egg is at the Gift Shop.


The 6th Egg is at the Plaza Left Bulb.


The 7th Egg is at the Lodge Attic. It’s in the corner. Scroll your mouse around it and a egg will pop up.


The 8th Egg is at the Dojo. It’s a ninja egg and moves all over the dojo. You gotts get it fast.


Now you should have all the eggs and it should look like this!


Click Claim Prize and this should come up.


Yea! Mike92 was right it is Green Bunny ears but this green is just lighter. Heres what it looks like in your inventory and outside.


Now in your inventory it looks like this.


Yea well thats all! I’m still so happy we got 50,000 hits! Here are the admins on my site currently that helped get the hits! Scareynewt42 (Me Of Course), Jbl44, Forrest12, and Mohd222! Thanks guys and Waddle On! -Scareynewt42 (P.S.: DONT FORGET TO COME TO THE 50,000 HITS POST FOR DETAILS!!)

Shocking News On ICKP March 18, 2008

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Hey guys! ICKP is in a little down hill segment so the NEW GWA is gonna rise.Persons unkown and will be announced soon.The only people that know the answer right now are Gator360 and the other member.Get ready for a all new flooding of insane videos! Keep visiting back for more info and to find out the unknown penguin!
Original Post: Cpclubpenguin.com by Gator 360

Ultimate Club Penguin Beta Trainer 2 March 17, 2008

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Hey! Someone asked me that Cp Trainer 2 doesnt work no more! To tell you the truth… it doesnt! Well thats pretty good but someone else made another Cp Trainer 2 and now I will give you a link to download it!



St Patricks Day Party, Sneak Peek & New Test Servers! March 15, 2008

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Hey! I am not allowed to download anything on my brothers comp so yea and I had to copy from mike92! Visit mike92.wordpress.com today!!!

The pin is a book, it is in the Boiler Room:


The Gigantic St. Patrick’s Day Hat is at the Ski Village:


Club Penguin also updated Rockhopper’s ship, looks like it will be done soon:


Club Penguin also put the 2005-2006 Year Book in the book room.

And they updated the stage, it is a repeat of the first stage theme, “Space Adventure”.

They added 1 new item to the catalog,


Billybob posted a new sneak peek on the Club Penguin Blog, here it is:

Here is what he said about it,

Hello Penguins!

Once in a while we like to surprise everyone with something they have been asking for for a long time. I just found out about something that’s coming out tomorrow and thought you would like a sneak peek!

I’d love to hear if you know what it is!

In other news: Don’t miss the St. Patrick’s Day Party starting TOMORROW!! We took some of the best stuff from last year and added some fun new stuff to it! I can’t wait to see what you think!

It kind of looks like pages of a book or something, also I can tell that there are some western items in the picture like the lasso. I think that they will be adding more events for the Club Penguin Yearbook because it looks like the bottom left corner of a page from that book. what do you think it is?

There are 4 new test servers in the Club Penguin Improvement Project, here is a picture:


Also there is a new comic called Under Construction:

Click to see comic.


Thats all! Again thanks Mike92!! -Scareynewt42

Testing Servers March 10, 2008

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Well Club Penguin made these new testing server things so yea and I signed up and yea. Heres pictures.

glitch.png A Glitch


Me Spotting Rsnail


Rsnail Exepting My Buddy Offer


Also Screenhog added me.


I did’nt see billybob though.



That should be me unless I keep switching my clothes! You start fresh club penguin. This is exactly like beta testing.


If I see mods I will keep you up to date on them! Waddle On!-Scareynewt42

2 New Games! March 10, 2008

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Hey! I saw on club penguin at the book room if you go on the book case theres 2 new games!!! Heres a picture!


Thats all! Waddle On!-Scareynewt42