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April Fools Day 2008! March 28, 2008

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Hey Guys! Club Penguin launched the April Fools Party today! They released 2 items! The Red Propeler Hat (Old Item) and Swirly Glasses! O.k lets start off with the Propeler Hat! You can find it at the Ski Village! I rate it 5/5


Next the Swirly Glasses! They are 4/5 as I rate! They are at the cove!


Now the Pin we have this week is really challenging to get! Its pretty tricky! First, you must go to the mine. After don’t go  in you should see something like this. Connect The Dots.


You gotta fill em up in order like this.


Once you get to 50 everything will melt off and it should be like this.pin2.jpg

Now you found the pin! Waddle Over it and get it! It is a Crayon Pin! It is like a crayola one but yea. 😀 Well, Thats all today! My favorite room is the Dojo! It is awesome since you can walk on walls! It is like last year! Waddle On! -Scareynewt42



1. kevinolaybal - March 31, 2008

well good!! can u send me member accounts on crozz_bone@yahoo.com!!

2. kevinolaybal - March 31, 2008

cool !!! website

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