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New Pin + New Items For Rh Party + New Sports Catalog + Notice. April 25, 2008

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Hey! It’s me! I know I havent posted in a while since im grounded for having a myspace and swearing on it to much but my mom and dad are gone at Springfield so im sneaking on the computer =D! Now Lets Start Off with the Pin! Well theres a party and when theres a party theres a secert pin!! It is at the Ski Village. Click on the Red X and it will shovel it out. 

Next Theres new items since RH came back!! He brought 1 item for the members since he crashed and he didnt have enough room to fit it in his ship! (I wonder what happen to Yarr!) So heres a picture of the items and the note her wrote.

Next theres a Sports Catalog! It has cool Baseball stuff and for your furniture it has Cricket Wickets. Cricket is a game that is played in Europe and Asia instead of Basketball and Baseball! Now Heres A Picture Of The Sports Catalog!!!


Woo Hoo! Thats all club penguin stuff! Now real stuff! Well I will tell you more on the ground. I got grounded since my Principal caught me having a myspace and faking my age and accusing someone I shouldn’t have. I made a bad choice and my mom and dad said its time to restart. You can make mistakes but you gotta be nice about em. So Don’t be like me and make bad choices.. be like yourself and make GOOD choices!!! Thats All Folks! -Scareynewt42



New Furniture & Igloo Catalog! April 19, 2008

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Hey Guys! Theres a new Furniture & Igloo Catalog! I’m really late since my mom grounded me off the computer. Well heres the juice. I don’t have my main Computers picture capture so I will have to copy off someones site!

Click here to see the furniture catalog!

Furniture Catalog New Items & Prices

Wheelbarrow – 484 coins & Penguin Lawn Gnome – 220 coins

Security Camera- 350 coins

Picket Fence – 100 coins

Vegetable Garden – 200 coins

Catalog Secrets

For the palm tree click, the “P” in “Plants”.

For the cake, click the fridge.

For the Big Screen T.v. click the LCD T.V.

Igloo Upgrade Catalog Secrets & Updates

[Click here to see it]

For the secret stone igloo, click the floor removal sign.

For the Deluxe stone igloo click the Door.

There is a new Lawn Igloo.

You can also buy the lawn as a carpet:

In other news, the new postcards came out…

I am currently making the APS Movie and will have another sneak peak ready soon! Make sure you watch the other ones. [Watch APS Movie 1] [Watch APS Trailer 1]

The migrater hasn’t changed and I guess it won’t until rockhopper gets here. What’s he bringing?

By Jc4x4! Go to Jc4x4.org today! Well I Hired Jbl44 back on the site and thats all! SO CLOSE TO 60,000 HITS!! Don’t forget to subscribe & watch my videos at my youtube ” http://youtube.com/sheevmista1 ” ! That’s all! Waddle On! -Scareynewt42

They Closed Down Swf? April 15, 2008

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I Think Club Penguin with the new site closed down the SWF! If it works for you please comment!

Club Penguin Music Video by Chewy! April 14, 2008

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Check out Chewy’s new video. The song is “Bleed It Out” by Linkin Park. Please rate and comment. Also, if you have not yet subscribed to him, please do so at http://youtube.com/chewypup101.

New Video! April 13, 2008

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I made this video and It took a lot of time and it took a lot of effects and so much time! Please Click To Comment, Favorite & Rate (if you wanna)!

Thanks! -Scareynewt42

GIF Works! April 13, 2008

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I will delete this later but I am testing GIFS on this post!

New Pin & Play! April 12, 2008

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Hey Guys! Toronto and Me now share each others penguins for videos and I was lazy to go on Scareynewt42 so I used his penguin instead 😀 ! Well, now the pin is in the book room. It is a Pyramid Pin & it relates to the new play. Heres A Picture!

It is on the Table yea! O.k Moving On Next is the Play. It is awesome! Heres a picture!

Check It Out its really cool I personally think the best one yet. The Catalog brought back 2 new items and a cool backround! Heres the Cover of the Catalog.

Yep and thats all today! Well Bye! -Scareynewt42

Contest.. April 9, 2008

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Hey! I have seen comments on my site from cpmac.wordpress.com about giving out a beta! mohd222.wordpress.com is doing a contest to! Well I’ve decided to do one! Here are the prizes..

Get To Be My Friend On Club Penguin (7 Rare Penguins)
Get 1 Rare Penguins Pass
1 Month Free Membership
Get To Be On My Blogroll (NO REQUIREMENTS!!)
Get To Use Scareynewt42 for 3 days
Get To Hang Out With M.V.P (Mr Charms, Kbucs4640, And Me)
Get To Be In A Video With M.V.P
Will Advertise Your Youtube Videos On My Site (5 Videos You May Select)
Get To Be A Admim or Author on my site
Use My Penguin For A Video
50,000 (Or Up) Coins
How To Make Videos (Tourtrail)
Get To Know A Lot About My Personal Life & Get To Know My Cell Phone Number 😉
Get 200 Comments On Your Website
Show You How To Use WordPress or Piczo
How To Take Pictures Online
1 Video Editor I Use
Get 1 Cool Penguin To Keep
Get to be added on a famous penguins list which I will ask soon like (Toronto, Supposed, Biggyp, Mc Mohd (Mohd222), Me, Kbucs4640, Mr Charms, Gator360, Gesert1, Chava713, Happy Ree, Metroid2006, Keithyy, Vital Flame, aing, Gamer18, Arctic Furry, Theman158765, Legoboy990, And Usc Man789! Those are selectable!
There Will Be 2 Winners

How To Join the Contest!
1. Must Advertise My Site
2. To Have Proof Comment On This Post for the sites you commented on
3. Put Your Club Penguin real name and Real Email Address
1. No Spamming On Posts
2. Can Not Force Do Something Persavsive Like (Visit https://sheevmista1.wordpress.com for 1# Club Penguin Cheats And Glitches) or something like that.
3. Do Not Swear On Other Peoples Site
4. Winner May Select 1 Prize
5. Have Fun!!!

Now You’ve Read It? Want A Prize? WELL… GO GET ONE!! ADVERTISE NOW!! READY, SET, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over & Out! -Scareynewt42

New Clothing Catalog! SORRY IM LATE!! April 6, 2008

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Hey Everyone! Today a new Clothing Catalog came out! The new catalog is pretty good and has three secrets. I will be telling you all of the secrets in this post.

Club penguin not loading for you? Click here to view the catalog without logging in.

The first secret you can find is on the first page where the penguin is holding the amazing ties and smiling. Click his teeth for the Cheese tie.


For the green snorkel, click the top bubble on the green flippers in the aquatic page.


Receive the red viking helmet from the pot of gold. Click it 4 times for the blue viking helmet.


There are also Four Backgrounds. The Buddy and the Snow Fort Backgrounds are new while the other two are Old. Check them out:


Check out the catalog to see all the great new items.

By Toronto! cabluey.com !! THANX

Changing of logos? April 2, 2008

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There may be a change in Logos. It was found at the CPIP.logos.png By Toronto at http://www.cabluey.com