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New Pin & Play! April 12, 2008

Posted by sheevmista1 in Uncategorized.

Hey Guys! Toronto and Me now share each others penguins for videos and I was lazy to go on Scareynewt42 so I used his penguin instead 😀 ! Well, now the pin is in the book room. It is a Pyramid Pin & it relates to the new play. Heres A Picture!

It is on the Table yea! O.k Moving On Next is the Play. It is awesome! Heres a picture!

Check It Out its really cool I personally think the best one yet. The Catalog brought back 2 new items and a cool backround! Heres the Cover of the Catalog.

Yep and thats all today! Well Bye! -Scareynewt42



1. Sheevmister - April 12, 2008

Well It is really cool what do you think guys? -Scareynewt42

2. Burgers Rule - April 12, 2008

Hey Scareynewt! I love the new play! Oh, and plz visit http://ebrproductions.wordpress.com/ and check out me and Ed324’s new production company! Its going through a lot of work and we need some views!


3. 50cent254cp - April 13, 2008

http://50cent254cp.wordpress.com I’ll add you to my blog roll if you add me.

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