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Contest! May 31, 2008

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Hey Everyone! I’m having a commenting contest! Who ever comment the most wins! There are a few Rules!

1. No Advertising Your Post
2. No Bad Talk About ANYTHING
3. No Spamming

Now say I comment like 600 times and I win! What do I get? Here’s what you get!

1. RARE Penguins Pass
2. Free Membership ( If I could get it)
3. A Video with MVP and A Spot Here as Author!

Those are your prizes! If this contest does go sucessful I will hold many more and the prizes will get better each time! -Scareynewt42


New Music Video! May 30, 2008

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Hey Everyone! I made a Music Video on Dropkick Murphy – Shipping Out To Boston! Please Watch!

Please Watch and to Rate, Favorite, and Comment please double click! Thanks! -Scareynewt42

New Server Test Item & New Book In Library Games! May 30, 2008

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Hey! People have been making so many rumors that the Black and Pink Toques are coming back well sorry there not! The Test item is a red hard hitting hat! It should be in your inventory! Heres an animation how it is! (In your Inventory)

Here’s an animation.

It is really cool and for non-members a new drilling level!

Next, theres a new book in the Book Room! Check it out! Well, thanks! Don’t Forget To Come to my Party!!! Check the post below this!

New Things! May 24, 2008

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Hey Everyone! There is a lot of new things! There is a Free Wizard Hat at the Lighthouse.

The new Anvil Pin is at the Boiler Room. Scroll your mouse over the pot of Lava.

The new Furniture Catalog is out! Click Here to view it.

Click the Letter “P” in the word Plant, for the Palm Tree.

Click on the Large House Plant, for the Coffee Shop Tree.

Click on the Vase, for the Plush Gray Chair.

Click on the Pink Plastic Castle, for the Inflatable Dragon.

Click on the Kitchen Sink, for the Cake.

There is also a new Pet Catalog! Click Here to view it!

Click on the Brown Flower next to the Green House, for the Grey House.

Also, the Ye Olde Igloo Contest has begun! Winners will get 10,000 coins!

New Video! May 17, 2008

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Hey Everyone! I started something new and I will keep it going for a while! It updates you on everything! Heres the video!

Please double click to rate, comment & favorite! Thanks! -Scareynewt42

Club Penguin Times and Party & DOMAIN! May 16, 2008

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Hey Everyone! The new CP Times is out! It reviews the party is tommorow (Thursday, May 15, 2008) and will be held! I can’t wait! It says when the new pin is hidden and all that!

The Party is tommorow and it should have a million items should be gone! It will be awesome!

Now Gator360 will be buying me a domain or Custom CSS! VOTE WHICH ONE! -SCAREYNEWT42!

Ninja Rumors! May 15, 2008

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Hey Everyone! On Club Penguin you see people saying I am a Ninja and stuff well it’s true in a way and not! During CP TEST Rsnail said “Ninjas will be coming in June or July” so is it all putting together? Here is a picture of a Ninja Fake.

Will Ninjas really come in June? Look at these Mysterious shadow found!

It gets wierder every day! If you have any info or think anythings new or strange post on here! I want to add all your stuff on the Post! If you have a comment that is cool and I didnt know I will post it here!


SCAREYNEWT42: Ninja’s might come in June!


That’s all! Waddle On! -Scareynewt42 (HITS OUR DONE PLEASE ADVERTISE!) If we dont reach 70,000 soon I might close this blog!

Ye Olde Igloo Contest!! May 13, 2008

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Hey Everybody! Club Penguin is having a Contest! To be specific a IGLOO CONTEST! They haven’t had one for a while and I guess we’ve had Medievel Furniture and Clothes so this would be the perfect time! Moving on I hope our hits goals get higher! Please tell your friends about this site to comment and stuff! Thanks! Moving on Make your igloo look Medivel and you might win! If you win your prizes will be the usual: 10,000 Coins & Your Igloo & Name on the Newspaper! More Info to come soon! Heres a picture Billybob posted on the blog though!

Hope you guys win! Good Luck! Waddle On! -Scareynewt42


I have found a new Sneak Peek! I recently showed you one in my other post about the New Play but heres one thats not a sketch!

The Old One:

//cabluey.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/medievil-party-sneak-peek.png?w=351&h=283” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

And of Course The New One:

It looks like thats the Pizza Parlor! On Friday I will tell you all the Cheats + Free Items & Everything That you need to know! For now! Waddle On! -Scareynewt42

New Play & Sneak Peek Of Party May 11, 2008

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Woah!!! SO SORRY IM LATE!! THANKS JBL FOR MODERATING THE COMMENTS DUDE!!! Im really sorry! I was packed the whole week with studying! Yesh it was hard! Anyways I realize we are almost to 65,000 hits! Yay!! O.k theres a new play and its the same play but it just has 1 new backround! Heres a picture! ( I can’t take pics but heres 1 from someones site)!

Next is the Sneak Peek of the new party coming out! Its based on Medivel time!

Oh and I almost forgot theres a pin! Its at the coffee shop! Go there drag your cursor on it and it will fall down then walk over it!


Well that’s all! Theres a new catalog I won’t be posting on but will give you info!


Dragon Costume: 1,000 Coins

Click on the Dragons hand and there should be a: 

Crystal Staff: 250 (HIDDEN)

Next, theres a: 

Kings Crown: 500

Royal Robe: 400

Queens Crown (RARE): 450

Queen’s Dress: 600

Then the last secert is if u click on the Emearld hat there will be a woodsman hat so yea! Thats all! -Scareynewt42