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New Newspaper Issue 146# July 31, 2008

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Hey! The New Newspaper came out and 1 feature I got pretty shocked! You all must know the CP Mod Happy77. She retired you think? Think Again! Look at this! At page B8Β  you’ll be suprised!

Happy77! Woah, does this mean? Mean that she’s back?? We’ll figure that out later! Anyways there’s a cool wordsearch! On the Wordsearch if you look closely it says “LOL” xD! Someone drew amazing Fan Art so I’d check that out! The Poem is awesome! Jokes and Riddles are tricky and funny!Β  Here are the upcoming events:

August 1 08′: New Clothing Catalog!
August 1 08′: New Pin Hidden
August 8 08′: Team Blue Rally 2 At The Stage (New Play) – (Also, Club Penguin has been bringing out all the old stages =/)
August Sometime 08′: Rockhopper returns!

If you couldn’t read that IMPOSSIBLE! Here’s a picture of the Pages!

That’s cool! Check the rest out! -Scareynewt42 (DONT FORGET! ENTER THE CAMASTASIA CONTEST!!!!!!)


Contest! “Camastia Video Studio 5” Free! July 31, 2008

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Hey! You want to do GIF’s,Β  make cool videos, need a screen recorder, need effects? There’s all that im Camastia Studio 5! This costs over 500$ and I “Scareynewt42” can get you this…for FREE! No Charge! Here what you have to do!
This contest is a COMMENTING contest only.

No Spamming (hjsdufsfhsjklfyf)
No Advertising
No Sexual, Racial, Cussing, Or Anything Innopropriate Is Allowed

Whoever comments the most wins the contest! I will also give you a deal! If you want to know how to make videos comment 50 more times for a tourtrail how to make videos, edit them, and more! Good Luck! Start Commenting! -Scareynewt42

Club Penguin-Clothing Catalog Sneak Peek July 30, 2008

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Hey stars and studs, Flame here. I just wanted to supply you with the lastest clothing catalog sneak peek:

  • The multi-colored , and the black and white pattern look like shirts.
  • The pink and white pattern look like shoes.

Comment on what you think.

In other news:

  • The party has been extended until August 5th.
  • The new game level will be coming soon after that.

Thanks for readin’


Dock Mystery + Penguin Band July 28, 2008

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Hey guys! Ninja boy1 here πŸ™‚
Dock’s Mystery…Yes everybody is posting this, that the dock changes style everyday. Well if you read your news every week you will, ok now lets take a look at the news page that has the stuff about the rooms and lets take a look at the Dock section.

Cant read? Ok here goes “Dock, the main stage. Swithing it up and breaking it down with a different music style everyday!” See? Lol thats why.

Now lets move to the penguin band part.
The penguin band is now like rockhopper they are moving around club penguin and if you meet them they give you a background heres a picture.

Well thats all for now πŸ˜‰
Cya real soon!!!!
Peace , Ninja boy1

Author Contest Winner! July 28, 2008

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Hey! Well, you posted you entrys for the Author Contest! Now it’s time for 1 of you to be a winner! I usually wouldn’t do this but I did. I put all your names in a hat and picked 1. That person is: BOBRJB! Congrautlations! Since only 3 people entered I will be nice and put you guys as Authors! I might also move you to Contributor! Also, do not post any thing about New Author, New Admin or anything like that please. Thank You!

People Who Joined/Wanted Too:
APU (Cingulllar)

Thanks For Entering! I have now added you all! When updates come out feel free to post! Do not Post you videos or anything. Updates and thats all please. I have added you all! Thanks Again! -Scareynewt42

Contest! July 27, 2008

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Hey! Welcome to Sheevmista1.com! Home Of Contests and Cheese :D! I’m excited! Wanna See?

πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Yeah…LOL. Well, here it is! This Contest has only 1 winner! Here are the prizes he/she can chose (only one).

Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
ZD Soft
Video Effects For Windows Movie Maker (GATOR360 USES EM)
A Penguin With A Funny Name (Not Member Or Rare)
Editor On Here FOREVER (Must Have WordPress)
Be In 1 Of My Next Videos
Get To Spend 1 Hour Of Time With Me And You Alone (May Invite Guests. I might invite a few (Wwe Adam, Supposed, someone you know)

Those are the prizes! Alright now here is the Question (?)!

Where is this picture located? You must also comment below saying the answer! To make it a little challenging write a 20 or more word sentence on how you like the new Club Penguin Party! This contest ends on July 29th! Start Guessing! -Scareynewt42 (You May Guess More Then 1nce. All Comments Might Be In Mod till End Of Contest)!

Scareynewt42: Contest Is Over

Club Penguin Music Jam ’08 July 25, 2008

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Hey! The Music Jam is out and it’s Club Penguin’s best CP History party yet! Music Rocks, Rooms Rock, 2 Free Items :D! Now, let’s get started! The Free Items are really cool! 1’s a returning one though and it is Sheevmister’s rarest item :(. Oh well. Alright first, the Fiesta Maracas which is loacted at the Cove!

Then, there’s another free item! It’s a Music Jam 08 shirt! It is located at the Plaza.

That’s all the Free Items! For you wicked members theres more! You can buy Shirts and VIP Passes!

This stand is located at the Snow Forts! The VIP passes give you something special! Go to the dock and then on the stage it will say “VIPS Only”! Here’s a peek at it!

After you drag your mouse on it it will show a door! Lead to the door and tada! You can go in! This feature is sadly only for members! Here’s a picture for the Non-Members who want to see this!

Click To En-Large :D! Anyways for members in that room, you can buy old band items! There’s 1 new guitar! Its awesome!

There is 1 secert in the catalog! Click The I’s dot for the Red Guitar!

On the bottom of the screen it’s cool because a button you see named
“Applause” is there. If you click it it will make a cool noise!

Also, at the Iceburg there is the CP Band playing! It is very cool!

The New Club Penguin DJ Game has finished! Go inside the dance club and walk to the left stereo!

The game is awesome! Your a mixer! And when you feel like stop playing click “X” overhead and it will show you your amount of coins you got! The games name is DJ3K!

Wow that’s a lot! Club Penguin new party rocks! Mostly everythings decorated! Keep checking back for tips, secerts, and more! Thanks For Reading! -Scareynewt42

Sneak peek- New Game Level July 23, 2008

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Scareynewt42: I have made a BRAND new CSS! Enjoy! -Scareynewt42

Hey stars and studs, Flame here. I just wanted to inform you about this sneak peek of a new game level. This has nothing to do with the new game CP is working on now.

It is a new level for an older game:

Looks like yoshi!!! Comment on what you think. Don’t forget that the party, Music Jam β€˜08, starts on Friday! As well as a new game! Thanks for reading’ Theflame12~

100k Party Sucess & Author Contest! July 23, 2008

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Hey! I had my 100,000 hits party yesterday! It was awesome! I flimed and it was just so much fun! I took 1 screen shot! Here it is!

I was telling everyone to go to the stage! Tons of people came and left.

Here are people I remember who came:
Tripit1 (Stayed Whole Party)
Bobrjb (Stayed Whole Party)
Kbucs4640 (Stayed Whole Party)
Lily72598 (Stayed Whole Party)
Arctic Furry

And ton’s more came. Some came later on. Some came early and left! Thanks for coming! I will hold another huge party after 200,000 hits! Also, Mauneel is banned forever. I think it is cause I said “Party’s Over Your Dang Gone”! I have no idea why this happened but I will investigate. Now anyway’s you all know that I promised a Author Contest right? Well yup it’s here!

You must have a wordpress!

1. Must Have WordPress
2. Fill Out Name (Real Life & CP)
3. Give Email you made your WordPress with
4. Give a reason why you should be a Author.

If I like your reason you get added :D. I will select 2 authors :D. That’s all! -Scareynewt42

Club Penguin Glitches Fixed July 22, 2008

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Hey stars and studs, Flame here. I Just wanted to let you know about how CP is still working on perfecting the updates. Let’s get started:

First of all, You can no longer add more than 100 buddies. This was probably a bandwidth issueΒ  for CP, so they had to fix it A.S.A.P :

And also as you may know, CP added a better look to the igloo selecting menu. They added extra igloos. Well, when they first did it all they had were the igloos and not a list of the users. Well, now they have added a list of the users which are available now:

Old cheats that were fixed:

  • Nubbing
  • Swearing when alone (it automatically bans)
  • Dancing with newspaper
  • Fast movement when E+T was pressed
  • Scrolling words
  • Much more!

New update bugs that were fixed:

  • Puffles showing as “undefined” FIXED
  • Puffles not belonging to you showing up in your igloo FIXED
  • Being able to add more than 100 buddies and not being able to scroll through all of them (gets cut off) FIXED
  • You can dance, open the newspaper, and our penguin is still dancing with the newspaper out FIXED
  • You can open the newspaper in other positions than just standing facing forward FIXED
  • Only 20 users able to have their igloos in the open igloo section of map FIXED
  • Green rugs are acting as room items instead of floor items FIXED
  • When finding buddy says they are “urfing” instead of “surfing” FIXED
  • When finding buddy it says they are “Cart Surf” instead of “Cart Surfing” FIXED
  • Unable to sit in Royal Throne FIXED

Bugs needed to be fixed:

  • Door triggers for igloos not working properly
  • When using find feature for buddy penguin shows they are in their igloo, even if they are in another igloo
  • When transporting to attic using find four invitation, penguin is stuck
  • No music after level 1 of Jet Pack
  • Adoption catalog not triggering when approaching puffle pen in Pet Shop
  • Red and blue sunglasses’ lenses almost totally black at penguin selection screen, but not on log in screen or in game

In other news:

  • The Music Festival begins in 3 days!
  • The new game will also be launched in 3 days!

Thanks for readin’!