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New Penguin Player Card Update! July 3, 2008

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(Credits To Bikeboy93)

Hey everyone! Today on the cpip blog Club Penguin posted a cool picture of what the new player card update will look like! It will remind you a lot from the furniture inventory when you go to decorate your igloo.

Note: How the inventory looks just like the furniture inventory.
player card a.jpg
Here is another picture of the player card inventory.
player card 3a.jpg
Club Penguin said they are planned to release to the new player card update and a few weeks and is going to be awesome! They even kept the clear outfit button. Anyways, tomorrow I will be posting the newspaper so don’t forget to check back! -Scareynewt42


1. Kaneos - July 3, 2008

Hi this is Kaneos I’d like to join this blog.

2. tooly228 - July 3, 2008

Hi. Good luck on going into 90,000 hits. Btw, what were you telling me earlier about cheating?

3. tooly228 - July 4, 2008

Actually no. We all had a mutual agreement to merge the counters.

4. INDY2008 - July 4, 2008


5. mohd222 - July 6, 2008

Hey! Cool Site
Mohd222 😉

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