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Camastisa Contest Winner! August 19, 2008

Posted by sheevmista1 in Uncategorized.

Hey! Thanks for Commenting guys! I needed more though it’s ok. Ok, the winner is…: Beuty123456! Congratulations!! Beuty123456! Email me at sheev200@yahoo.com for the code! -Scareynewt42



1. Beuty123456 - August 19, 2008

just a second…

2. Sparkels9571 - August 20, 2008

guys click my name. also, ur site looks awesome with 3d glasses on

3. Beuty123456 - August 20, 2008

er.. sorry,i need to do stuff first 😀

4. Beuty123456 - October 29, 2008

Thanks that I won! I have to make a new e-mail ’cause my old one wont work. Sorry for having u wait!

5. Beuty123456 - October 29, 2008

Can u e-mail me at my adress? I’ll give it to ya in a sec

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