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New CSS! February 1, 2009

Posted by Sugar Rush in Uncategorized.


If you haven’t notised there is a New CSS design. Clone787 from www.clone787.com made it. I just tweaked the colors a bit. So Comment

under here what you think of it. Is it good or bad. Also if there is anything wrong with it Post under here because I am new to CSS





1. gardenax - February 2, 2009

Hey dude, congrats on getting 200,000 hits. I just came back here on 201,920 hits. So I was gone for 74,000 hits. Lol. Last I visited, you had 137,000 hits.

2. Clone 787 - February 2, 2009

WOAH! detroit i didn’t know you’re that good in css! also im going to e-mail you some tip’s to get more views 😀

3. Detroit87 - February 2, 2009

Lol I’m not
I have NO clue what half the stuff means so
I would just change the color and see what it changed
Then change the color to my liking. I know a bunch of colors from my forum

4. Clone 787 - February 2, 2009

ahh i see i just search css colours on google

5. Detroit87 - February 2, 2009

Yeah and I know like you can just
put Grey or Blue or Red
and on top of that I know a bunch
from desigining the color scheme for
my forum

6. Clone 787 - February 2, 2009

dude you comented this 5 mins ago go onto mammoth now

7. Detroit87 - February 2, 2009


8. W Card Shark - February 3, 2009

Pretty neat detroit! Did you make the H2 image or did you do it with like, half ff0000 or something? I could help you big time!

9. W Card Shark - February 3, 2009

I have mastered Sliver is the New black!

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