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Aunt Arctic Tracker March 23, 2009

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Hey Everyone!!

Aunt Arctic has recently been seen Roaming the Backstage’s of Club Penguin I only Found Aunt Arctic Not to Long Ago She Give’s out a Free Background

The server’s Aunt Arctic Visit’s the most are

  • Blizzard
  • Mammoth
  • Frozen
  • Fjord
  • Deep Freeze

I have a Tracker wich should Tell where Aunt Arctic is keep Refreshing too find her


Last seen:Blizzard

Keep Refreshing!



1. taetumn - March 23, 2009

this is helping alot thanks to you

2. BECCABOO11 - March 30, 2009

hey ive been looking for aunt artic foever but i ave never found her so far so i hope tis elps

3. ba bum - April 7, 2009

Yo man thnx u helped me alot

4. loly3456 - May 14, 2009

hey i saw her at the blizzard in the pizza parlor right now go there and hurry

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