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easter egg cheats and new pin April 10, 2009

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Hey Everyone!!

Club Penguin had hidden easter Egg’s all over the island and i have all the cheats for it here are the aster Egg Cheats

Egg 1:The 1st Egg is located at the Night Club

Egg 2:In the Water at the Cove
Egg 3:The 3rd Egg is Located in the Mine in the Cart
Egg 4:On the Wall of the Dojo in the dojo courtyard on the right hand side.
Egg 5:The 5th Egg is located under This hat in the gift shop
Egg 6:The 6th Egg is in the Cooler in the Ski lodge.Move your Mouse over the Cooler
Egg 7:The 7th Egg is Located at the Ski mountain on top of the Sign
Egg 8:The 8th Egg is Located at the beacon in the Middle of the light

And the New Club Penguin Pin is located at “The Forest”

Well Guy’s,That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats !



1. Nicole - May 23, 2009

Can you give me a code please? I really have asked my parent to get me and toy for the code for years for my birthday ,and christmas. Thanks hope you get this!

2. Nicole - May 23, 2009

Oh and please email me!

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