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Club Penguin Newspaper Cheats April 16, 2009

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Hey Everyone!!

Club Penguin released a New Weekly Edition of the “Penguin Times” Today as we do get It every Thursday.1st before We Go Into the Club Penguin Newspaper Cheats Here Is the Cover of the Weekly “Penguin Times”

Anyways let’s get on with the Cheats and the News.
For anyone who uses the Sledding hill Often,There will be a Major Improvement,because you’ll be Able to get a toboggan At the Ski Mountain And their will be a Catalog there too From April 24Th.

For Anyone That’s Interested In The Dance Game at the “Night Club” DJ Cadence Says’s “I was hunting for New sounds I heard these 3 Epic tunes”.These New themes for the Dance Contest In the Night Club Will come available on April 24Th

Also This weeks Club Penguin Secret Is “How to catch The Mullet”  Which will Earn you 100 Extra Coins for Your Penguin

Then There Isn’t Much Left.So here are The Upcoming Club Penguin Events for The End of April Until The Middle of May

Well Guy’s That’s all For Club Penguin Cheats and News!



1. Joshualan10 - April 16, 2009

hello are u a filipino?

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