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Club Penguin may party spoilers April 23, 2009

Posted by Clone 787 in Uncategorized.

Hey Everyone!!

Club Penguin released a new Spoiler for the Club Penguin Medieval Party which starts In 2 Weeks time on May 8Th Here is an Exlusive Spoiler for the Club Penguin medieval Party

Club Penguin Also Said “We Will be bringing back Old decoration’s from Last year’s Medieval Party” Some of these Old decorations could be.This list will Also Include a few of many new things for this years ” Medieval Party”

  • The Fire breathing Dragon In the Mine
  • A quest for Penguins
  • Possibly the old castle At the Ski mountain and in the ski Village

I Can’t wait for the medieval Party! What do you expect from It? What do want to return from last year? let me know by leaving a “Comment”!

Well Guy’s,That’s all for club penguin cheats,News,Glitches and Tricks šŸ˜€



1. FROSTBEETLE8 - April 23, 2009

Can i be part of your crew

2. mary - April 24, 2009

May you please get me some codes to unlock items.
My name is ikki789 and my best place is Alaska.


3. mary - April 24, 2009

Club penguin

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