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New Pin, New June’ Catalog, and Party Info! June 6, 2009

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Hey! The new Pin is out! It’s a safari hat! It’s located in the Book Room (above the coffee shop) and on the couch! Here’s a pic!


Now, the New Catalog is also released! Now, here are the cheats! The first one is a Canteen! 100 Coins! It’s hidden so look for it!

Cheat 1

Next, is a Crystal Staff! It’s 250 Coins! It’s located on a faint blue brick!

Cheat 2

Now, the last cheat is the viking helmet! Quite simple! Open and close 4 times for Blue Viking Helmets! 750 Coins For Normal Viking Helmet and 1200 coins for Blue Viking Helmet!

Cheat 3

Now, for the last thing! There’s gonna be a party! It is gonna be a Adventure Party! It will be June 12th to June 16th! That’s all the info I have at the moment! Anyways today was also my last day for school! It was amazing! After school you’ll never believe what we did! I will make a page to show you guys how to do it! -Scareynewt42



1. Clone 787 - June 6, 2009

LOL i guess you got in trouble.When i was going to holland qith my class,It was 4 in the morning and my friend took a guys coke and put mentos in it hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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