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Halloween Party Cheats 09′ October 28, 2009

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Hey! The Halloween Party is out on Club Penguin. Sorry, well read the post below to see why I’m back. I’ll put a more detalied post later. Ok now, there’s one free item. It’s located in the plaza. There called a Pumpkin Antennae.

Free Item

There is also 1 more free item but sadly for members ONLY. It is located in the Haunted House. It’s a pumpkin head. Here’s a picture from my close friend Cabluey or Chrisdog’s site.


Anyhow now for the scavenger hunt! The first item is located in the lodge attic. Click the pumpkin and the choclate bar will come out.


The 2nd item is a candy corn. Located at the dock.


The 3rd item is a lollipop. Located at the Pet Shop. Click the chandalier and the lollipop which is red will show.


The 4th item is a candy. It is located at the cove. Click on the board and then the candy will come.


The fifth item is at the pool. It is a pumpkin. It is located above the windows.


The 6th candy is at the Soccer Ring (Soccer Pitch). It is a cubish candy.


The 7th candy is at the forest. It’s in a bush. Its a candy apple.


The last candy is at the Mine. It is a green candy in the green slime. (There’s a entrance to the mine through the pool section and by the haunted house)


But wait! There’s another member’s only item in Gary’s Secret Lab. Go to the Mine and click on the light. It will act as a switch and open the Secret Lab. Go through the tunnel.


Here’s a picture of the Secret Lab. My sneak peek from a week ago was right!


You can purchase items from the Monster’s Maker catalog. Only members can buy items.


Here’s a list of all the items you can purchase:

  • Ogre Ears – 300 coins
  • Alien Thinking Cap – 350 coins
  • Skeleton – 450 coins
  • Bird Mascot Head – 450 coins
  • Fuzzy Experiment – 400 coins
  • Purple Carapace -330 coins
  • Big Bad Wool Hooves – 200 coins
  • Bunny Slippers – 200 coins
  • Frankenfeet – 220 coins

This is like the best party in Club Penguin history. So many things to do. Check out clubpenguincp.com for the rest of this above. Anyways thanks for visiting my site! Check out my youtube for a nonstop full version of return of the sled! I will be putting all the parts together! -Scareynewt42 (youtube.com/scareynewt42) visit and subscribe!!



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