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New Updates June 16, 2011

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In 2 years blogging gets advanced. Im using wordpress on android now. I am still killing bugs and making a new css. Thanks. Stay in tune for more! -Scareynewt42



1. Adi Jabber - June 21, 2011

My search has come to a stop this is Corporal J.Adix i have come to deploy a message that was released in 2007-2008 after the Sf1998 Army was going downhill i have taken 3 years to inform you of the message i have carried this is fresh from SF:
“Sheevmister where have you gone i still remember the day you came to the dojo asking for a position in my army i gladly agreed remember all those fun times we had? we were top ranked then everyone turned against me and its really hard right now you haven’t been logging in much i cant catch you i need you back Soldier im need to fight back please put everything behind you and come fight in the CPM again i need you Grunt” -Message sent” june 10 2007

Message Recieved June 20 2011

Adix: Sir, sorry this has taken this long you have been looked for by our best marines and you havent been located since i dont think you remember either i kept my promise and oath to deliver this message i am sad to inform you the clubpenguin marines have backed out and shit down june 11 2007 i had just kept my promise do give this message i am now retiring SIR! Satute!! AT EASE

_Adix Signing out Age joined may 2006 age resigned 2011 total 6 years fought!

*Keep Waddling Waddling On*

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