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New Play – Rockhopper Returns – Scavenger Hunt August 8, 2008

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Hey Guys!

There is a new play at the stage! It is really cool! Here is a picture: click for larger picture


They have some new items from last time!

Also, Rockhopper has returned with some really cool items! Here is a picture of the items he brought.


There is actually a cheat! Click this steering wheel to get the life ring (furniture item).

The scavenger hunt has begun. This little guide will tell you where to find all the pieces!

 The 1st is at the mine shack.

The 2nd is at the cove

The 3rd is at the coffee shop

The 4th is at the beach

The 5th is at the pool

The 6th is at the pet shop

The 7th is at the Dock

The 8th is at the iceberg

When your done you have to put a puzzle together. This is what it should look like this.

This is the background you get when you finish this.

If you didn’t know already, im having a party! All the information is in this video.

If you can’t read, Heres all the information.

Date: Friday August 8th, 2008

Time: 1 PST, 4 EST

Where: Tundra, Dock

I will be recording and taking pictures. 3 penguins will be selected randomly to have their player cards and websites/youtubes posted on the site if they have one.

That’s All!



Club Penguin Times Issue 147 August 7, 2008

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Hey Guys!

Click Here For My Website

The new issue of the Club penguin Times has been released!

Club Penguin has announced that they are having the Penguin Games. Im guessing that it is based on the Olympics That start tommorow. Except the penguin games start on August 22nd.

Also, along with Rockhopper Returning, There will be a scavenger hunt! When the penguins were building his ship, Rockhopper changed his mind and used his plans to make a ship igloo. He gave it to the construction worker Rory who lost it. Tommorow we have to find all the pieces to the plans so Rory can create the igloo.

There are also a lot of events coming soon! Click for larger picture

In Other News… My 40,000 Hits Party is tommorow! If you come, your cool. 😀

Here is the invite:

Heres all the information you need if you can’t read my invitation.

  • Date: Friday August 8th, 2008
  • Time: 4 PST, 1 EST
  • Where: Tundra, Dock

There will be find four, sled racing, recording, and a contest! I will choose 3 people from the party to get there player cards and website/youtube posted on this site! If they have one.

That’s All!


Aqua Grabber Updates – New Play Sneak Peek – Rockhopper Coming – MY 40,000 Hits Party August 6, 2008

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Hey Guys!

The New Updates to Aqua Grabber have been released! It’s really cool! Now there are 2 different versions of Aqua Grabber you can play. Click For Bigger Picture

The 1st version you have to get the giant pearl from the giant clam. If you wake it up it eats you!

The 2nd Version you have to pick up cream soda barrels so you can clean up a cream soda spill. When it starts off, the water is purple. Then when you start putting the barrels in the net, the water gets a lot cleaner. When you get 5 barrels, you have to go where the bubbles are coming from.When you get lower there are those blowfish from the sneak peeks. Try not to touch them, they will knock you around and the water in your machine will fill up.

New Play Sneak Peek:

Club Penguin has released a sneak peek of the play that is coming this friday. I think that there’s a chance that the face paints will be returning. What do you think? Comment on this post what you think! Here’s The Sneak Peek.

Rockhopper Returning:

Also, Rockhopper is returning on Friday! His ship is very close, and you can see that on the lighthouse beacon’s telescope. I hope he makes new items instead of bringing back the old items.

40,000 Hits Party:

As you might know, i have 40,000 hits, and as you might know, im having a party! Here is the invite!

If you can’t read This Here is all the information you’ll need!!

  • Date: Friday August 8th, 2008
  • Time: 1 EST, 4 PST
  • Where: Tundra, Dock

Be there, its gonna be awesome! Recording, Find Four, Sled Racing, and 3 Penguins will be selected and will get there player card, and there website posted on here. If They Have one. Cya There!

That’s All,


Shocking News On ICKP March 18, 2008

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Hey guys! ICKP is in a little down hill segment so the NEW GWA is gonna rise.Persons unkown and will be announced soon.The only people that know the answer right now are Gator360 and the other member.Get ready for a all new flooding of insane videos! Keep visiting back for more info and to find out the unknown penguin!
Original Post: Cpclubpenguin.com by Gator 360

New Admin October 24, 2007

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hey penguins. i commented on this site i thought was cool, and now im an admin!

cool, its nice to be here!