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How To Become A Tour Guide

Hey! Welcome to “How To Become A Tour Guide! I will guide you through a very simple but, challenging process of how to become a tour guide.

First, you must go to the Ski Village. It will show you this. Click the booth.

Next, after you click it it will show you a little thing click this:

After, you click that this will come up.

Click “Take The Quiz”. Now if you wanna try it first or try it then check don’t look at this little part since it has all answers!

Question: In What Room Can You Find Old Copies Of The Penguin Times?
Answer: Boiler Room

Question: What Item is always in a different place in the clothing catalog every month?
Answer: The Viking Helmet

Question: Which Of These Rooms Does NOT Have A Game In it?
Answer: Beach

Question: What Item is thrown out of the truck of level 4 of Bean Counters?
Answer: A Flower Pot

Question: Which Of These Games Has A Shark In It?
Answer: Jetpack Adventure

Question: Which color of puffle can catch on fire?
Answer: Black

Question: How Do You Get A Pin?
Answer: Walk On Top Of It

Question: What Day Does The Newspaper Come Out
Answer: Thurday
Those are all the answers. They will all NOT be in order but those are all the questions all 100% right. After you finish the test it will say “You’ve Passed”!

Now Also Click “Yes” to this.

Yay! You are now an offical tour guide!!!

Also, if you don’t know how to life the sign like that heres how to.

Now first, look at your toolbar. You gotta click on that penguin sitting.

Next, click it and 3 actions will appear. Dance, Sit, and Wave.


And Guess What? Now you know how to lift your sign!!

Wow this took 2 hours to make yeesh! Now if you wanna copy this post you may but please give out credit. If I see you not we will SHUT DOWN your site. I am dead serious D:! It’s really mean but it’s all law. Copyright Sheevmister 2007-2008. Thanks For Reading! -Scareynewt42



1. Sheevmister - June 22, 2008

Hope you like it!! -Scareynewt42

2. sally - July 6, 2008

hey thanks for dat i really needed it if u need any help den ill be sure to help u

3. Sheevmister - July 6, 2008

Hey Sally! Your very welcome :D! -Scareynewt42

4. Jedi Ryan - February 14, 2009

i got a tour guide hat did you know

i know a secret in the ski village

no more catalogs click on a tour

it returns into the plaza and theres catalog

hunter326 - May 4, 2009

It doesnt work ❗

5. Rockhopper - April 13, 2009

arr! im Rockhopper!my ship crashed an iceburg!arr me men scared me with the cannon!

6. Rockhopper - April 13, 2009


7. jacob - May 8, 2009

uh I already knew thew but thanks if other people don’t know.

8. Rockhopper - June 15, 2009

yarr harda

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