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Halloween Party Cheats 09′ October 28, 2009

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Hey! The Halloween Party is out on Club Penguin. Sorry, well read the post below to see why I’m back. I’ll put a more detalied post later. Ok now, there’s one free item. It’s located in the plaza. There called a Pumpkin Antennae.

Free Item

There is also 1 more free item but sadly for members ONLY. It is located in the Haunted House. It’s a pumpkin head. Here’s a picture from my close friend Cabluey or Chrisdog’s site.


Anyhow now for the scavenger hunt! The first item is located in the lodge attic. Click the pumpkin and the choclate bar will come out.


The 2nd item is a candy corn. Located at the dock.


The 3rd item is a lollipop. Located at the Pet Shop. Click the chandalier and the lollipop which is red will show.


The 4th item is a candy. It is located at the cove. Click on the board and then the candy will come.


The fifth item is at the pool. It is a pumpkin. It is located above the windows.


The 6th candy is at the Soccer Ring (Soccer Pitch). It is a cubish candy.


The 7th candy is at the forest. It’s in a bush. Its a candy apple.


The last candy is at the Mine. It is a green candy in the green slime. (There’s a entrance to the mine through the pool section and by the haunted house)


But wait! There’s another member’s only item in Gary’s Secret Lab. Go to the Mine and click on the light. It will act as a switch and open the Secret Lab. Go through the tunnel.


Here’s a picture of the Secret Lab. My sneak peek from a week ago was right!


You can purchase items from the Monster’s Maker catalog. Only members can buy items.


Here’s a list of all the items you can purchase:

  • Ogre Ears – 300 coins
  • Alien Thinking Cap – 350 coins
  • Skeleton – 450 coins
  • Bird Mascot Head – 450 coins
  • Fuzzy Experiment – 400 coins
  • Purple Carapace -330 coins
  • Big Bad Wool Hooves – 200 coins
  • Bunny Slippers – 200 coins
  • Frankenfeet – 220 coins

This is like the best party in Club Penguin history. So many things to do. Check out clubpenguincp.com for the rest of this above. Anyways thanks for visiting my site! Check out my youtube for a nonstop full version of return of the sled! I will be putting all the parts together! -Scareynewt42 (youtube.com/scareynewt42) visit and subscribe!!


Too Much Work October 28, 2009

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Not starting over again. I really wanna blog so I will be posting on here. The Halloween cheats are coming. Sorry for missing the anniversary party! Please help me get my original views back! -Scareynewt42

Well This/ October 6, 2009

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Well, I thought I was out of club penguin for good but i guess im gonna go. im addicted to blogging. since this site has been in a lot of things i will cancel it. wait for my new redirection.

Hacked. July 29, 2009

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Spammer has tooken over our site what should we do??

(LATE) (REALLY LATE) Pin Winner! June 16, 2009

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Hey! Sorry this is extremly late but the pin winner is Pin B! On our site Pin C won by a good 3 votes! Anyways that’s all! -Scareynewt42

2009′ Adventure Party Cheats! June 13, 2009

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The scavenger hunt is great!! As usual, there are eight items you must locate to receive your prize, the Adventure Party background.

1. When Club Penguin finishes loading, click on the pair of binoculars in the upper right-hand corner to begin. This screen should appear.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 1

2. The message indicates that you must go to the underground pool, or the Cave. Race down there and click the grey fish in the window.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 2

3. The next clue tells you to go to the Cove. Once your there, click the big curly leaf by the Surf Hut.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 3

4. Your next destination is the Dock. Go there and click the turtle next to the Hydro Hopper boat.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 4

5. Now head over to the Snow Forts. Up near the Ice Rink (Super Pool), click the bush (the one with the blue and yellow leaves sticking out).

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 5

6.  The next place you need to go is the Iceberg. Get there, and click the spout of water in the far left-hand corner (in the water). A whale will come out, and you can grab it.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 6

7. Now go to the Plaza and look above the Pizza Parlor (and the table of dirty dishes) and click the weird flower with purple leaves.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 7

8. The next one is a bit hard to find. Go to the Cove, and the bottom right-hand corner there will be areas where the water is bubbling. Click it.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 8

9. The final one item you must “discover” is a magnificent one. Go to the Forest, and growing off of the massive tree in the middle is a huge flower. Click that, and you will have the last item that you need.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 9

10. Your finally done!! When the screen appears, click Claim Prize. If the screen does not appear, click the binoculars and then Claim Prize.

Adventure Party Scavenger Hunt 10

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2009 Members-Only Cheats:

There is one members-only room. It is located on the tree on the right side of the Forest. This room is the amazing Tree Fort. Climb up the ladder and you will get this room. Throw snowballs at the plant and it will eat them. Move your mouse over the birds and they will chirp. There is even a free item here!

Members Only - Tree Fort

Club Penguin Adventure Party 2009 Free Item Cheats:

There are only two free items, but I must admit, they are okay. They are the Green Safari Hat and the Tropical Bird. Here is how to get the two.

1. Go to the Plaza and run down the the bottom left-hand corner by the sign that says free. Walk on it and you can get the Green Safari Hat.

Adventure Party - Green Safari Hat

2. This one is Members-Only. Go to the Tree Forts and navigate to the end. There you will see the Tropical Bird. Walk on it and its yours!

Adventure Party - Tropical Bird

Xbox Live! June 13, 2009

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Hey! Thanks to my best friend Stomper225 I now have Xbox Live. Add my gamertag at: scars war24. You might get annoyed by me since my mic is not stablized. (My thing squeaks alot). Anyways I play Gears Of War 2, Gears Of War, Halo 3, Halo 2, and Left 4 Dead. (I usually only play Gears Of War 2 so don’t bug me lol.) -Scareynewt42

Cpclubpenguin and Sheevmista1 Merg! June 11, 2009

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Hey! This site will now be with CpClubpenguin.com! So, I gotta deal that Cpclubpenguin.com and sheevmista1.com will now be merging! I will be posting on this site but will copy this posts to Cpclubpenguin. So both sites can be active! This will be great for both our views! -Scareynewt42

Pick Your Pin! June 11, 2009

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Hey! Club Penguin had a wig decision! Well guess what? There having a pin descision! Ok so you go on clubpenguin.com and vote for the pin you want! These are the 3 options!

Pin Decision
PIN A                                        PIN B                              PIN C

I personally would want Pin A! Though your Opinion counts to me! Vote on this poll then comment below what you voted for and why! -Scareynewt42

2 Year Anniversary! June 9, 2009

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Hey! 3 Days ago also known as June 6th was a 2 year anniversary! Just letting you all know! I have nothing planned since hits are low! So technically if I throw a party no one will come so yeah. -Scareynewt42